Ted Cruz: Hunting for American Rights

Bold move on behalf of Ted Cruz, who criticized President Obama for his comments on the recent Oregon shooting. Obama said that shootings are something we should "politicize". Ted Cruz believes Obama is using this for his political agenda to take guns away from Americans and ultimately to strip off

Billionaires and Bernie

Following President Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders has been using social media and the internet to draw out supporters and donors. He was able to reach out to 1 million online donors faster than Obama during his first election. Obama first reached his 1 millionth donor by February 2008 (his election

Constitution Turns 228!

Happy Constitution Day! Constitution Day (or Citizenship Day) is observed every year on September 17th to acknowledge the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in 1787 and furthermore, to "recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens". While originally reserved for the third Sunday of May

Labor Day Celebration

To celebrate Labor Day, President Obama announced an executive order requiring companies with governmental ties to provide a week of paid sick leave every year. This will take effect in 2017 for approximately 300,000 workers. In the course of Obama’s presidency, he has used his executive powers to raise the minimum

Why we have Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday of September, this day is dedicated to the economic and social success of the American workers. How Labor Day came to be a national holiday. New York was the first state to introduce bill to recognize Labor Day as a holiday, but

Iran Deal Allegedly Secured

The votes for The Iran Deal have been allegedly secured after Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland announced her support the deal. Nonetheless,Secretary of State, John Kerry will “continue to persuade” passed the 34 votes they already have and need if a veto becomes necessary. 928