Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Quote of the day: "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." -Charles R. Swindoll

The White House: Trump's longtime aide and Communications Director, Hope Hicks is scheduled to speak with special counsel Robert Mueller's team later this month in Russian election meddling investigation. Mueller's team has already interviewed former aids including former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Politics: Google, Facebook & Twitter officials testified Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the use of their platforms being used Russian groups to help influence the 2016 election. Senate members questioned the companies "for more answers on how their platforms were used by both Russia and terrorist groups, and stressed that it was in the national security interests of the U.S. to find solutions."

Business: Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) one of the largest exchange groups has announced it plans to launch Bitcoin futures in the fourth quarter. Tuesday Bitcoin reached an all-time high above $6,400, CME Group CEO said, "Given increasing client interest in the evolving cryptocurrency markets, we have decided to introduce a bitcoin futures contract."

U.S.: Terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan leaves 8 people dead and 12 others injured when a rented truck was used to run over civilians on the bike lane before crashing into a school bus. The man identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov hopped out of his truck running onto the freeway where he was shot in the chest by policemen and was then taken to the hospital. Law enforcement found a note on the truck claiming the attack for Islamic State terrorist group. 

World: South Korean President Moon Jae-in addressed parliament saying he will not seek to possess nuclear weapons and will never recognize North Korea as a nuclear-armed state. President Moon said, “According to the joint agreement by the two Koreas on denuclearization, North Korea’s nuclear state cannot be accepted or tolerated. We will not develop or possess nuclear weapons either.”

Science/Tech/Health: In a new study published in the Geophysical Research Letter finds that the asteroid that hit earth 66 million years ago wiping out the dinosaurs suggest that more than 300 billion tonnes of sulfur were released into the atmosphere more than originally thought. Meaning that global temperatures fell below freezing for several years, "we always thought there was this global winter but with these new, tighter constraints, we can be much more sure about what happened."

Entertainment: Jeremy Piven star of Entourage is facing sexual harassment allegation after TV personality & actress Ariane Bellamar accused him of groping her on the set of 'Entourage' and another time at the Playboy Mansion. Piven stated denying the allegations, "I unequivocally deny the appalling allegations being peddled about me. It did not happen." 

Sports: The Los Angeles Dodgers in desperate need to stay in the series win Game 6, 3-1 over the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium. Game 7 will be played Wednesday in Los Angeles, the Dodgers will start with their star pitcher Clayton Kershaw. If the Astros win this will be their first franchise World Series and first for the Dodgers since 1988. 


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