Monday, December 5, 2017

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Quote of the day: "Without a struggle, there can be no progress." -Frederick Douglass

The White House: The Supreme Court rules 7-2 to allow President Trump's travel ban to take full effect on travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela the ban means the U.S. will refuse visa entries to the banned countries. The Supreme Court has not accepted the ban constitutional but will allow it till lower courts rule on the case whether the ban is discriminatory along religious lines since the ban targets Muslim majority countries.

Politics: House Republican leaders have agreed to consider extending the government funding until December 30th to avoid a government shutdown set for Friday, Dec. 8th. Democrats and some Republican moderates have threatened to oppose any spending bills that go into 2018 if it does not including any fixing for DACA.

Business: The Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler, 36, become the first Bitcoin billionaires after investing $11 million in the currency back in March 2013. The two twins are famously known for suing Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing the Facebook idea from them, they were awarded $50 million in a lawsuit in which $11 million was invested into the bitcoin worth $120 at the time since then bitcoin has hit an $11,826 high on Sunday.  

U.S.: 10,000-acre wildfire in Santa Paula (northern Los Angeles) forces 100,000 residents to evacuate and leaves nearly 200,000 people without power, at least 57 power outages have been reported in cities in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange counties. One person has died in a car crash as they tried to escape the fire. *Story is still developing

World: Former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed Monday by Houthi rebels by a rocket-propelled grenade as he tried to flee the capital of Sanaa. Saleh who ruled Yemen for 33 years handed power over to President Handi in 2011, in 2015 a civil war sparked by southern Yemen's rebels who called themselves Houthis and are believed to be backed by Iran against Handi loyalist who were back by a Saudi-led coalition. Saleh was killed after ending the three-year alliance with Houthis rebels.

Science/Tech/Health: YouTube is hiring 10,000 people to monitor videos that violate the companies policies. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said, "Our goal is to stay one step ahead of bad actors, making it harder for policy-violating content to surface or remain on YouTube."

Entertainment: Netflix confirms season 6 of 'House of Cards' will carry without Kevin Spacey and the series will focus on Robin Wright's role as Claire Underwood in its final season. Product for the drama series will begin in 2018 and the sixth season will only be eight episodes oppose 13 episodes as in the past.

Sports: Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt and Houston Astros World Series Champion José Altuve are named Sports Illustrated 2017's Sportspersons of the Year Honorees. Watt helped raised more than $37 million to help the Hurrian Harvey victims of Houston in August, Watt said, "It's much more than just two people…It's a whole city. On my side, it's over 200,000 people who donated money to help rebuild the city. It's an award that's so much bigger than sports.”


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